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Bronislaw Chyła was born on February 5, 1911 in Berlin, in a family of Polish emigrants from Pomerania. Parents, father Konrad a factory worker, mother Maria from Murawska house - raised him in the Polish spirit.

He attended primary school in Berlin. After graduation of this primary school, he apprenticed at Adolf Kandulla's factory to become a mechanics, completing primary education by journeyman exam. At the same time he attended the middle of the Evening Secondary Technical School. He earned living by restoring paintings, drawing and painting portraits.

After graduating from Secondary Evening Technical School he started to work at the company "Opta" as a constructor. In order to avoid working in the armaments industry of Nazi Germany he abandoned his profession and joined the School of Fine Arts, where he spent four semesters studying applied graphics.

Despite persecution, he actively participated in the Association of Poles in Germany. To avoid another arrest he was hiding at a house of his friend, a journalist Andreas Bauer, who facilitated his escape to Vienna. Here he undertook further studies at the Academy of Fine Arts at the faculty of mastershipin portrait class of professors Pauser and Boekla.

In 1945 he joined the organisation "Polonia Academica". A few days later, for his political beliefs and the origin he had to be removed by the Nationalist Student Union. In December of the same year he moved briefly to Poland, to find his family.

In 1947 he completed studies. Immediately after graduation, he returned to the country with his family. Upon arrival, he settled in Legnica and was a teacher of drawing in the School of Pedagogy. Then, in the years 1951-1956 the artist studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. In 1956 he returned to Legnica, taking a job in almost all secondary schools; In the same year he founded fireplace art at the Municipal House of Culture. Since 1964, the artist studied at the School for Teachers working at the same time as a manager of the department of plastic.

His artistic activity began in 1949, when he took part at the ZPAP Wroclaw exhibition in Katowic. His first solo exhibition took place in 1952.

In the early sixties he was also a photograph. He participated in the work in "Human" national jury and in "Homo" international photographic salon.

He was a member of the "ZPAP" since 1950, serving many years as President of Wroclaw ZPAP branch and then in Zagłębie Miedziowe branch. He participated in all the regional and national exhibitions, often presented abroad. In 1977 by the Ministry of Culture and Arts established a prize for painting in the field of contemporary art.

For his artistic and teaching achievements he has been awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Arts, as well as by the Ministry of Education. In 1974, he received the Knight's Cross of Polish Rebirth Order. He was the first prize winner of the city of Legnica. He also received the Badge of Merit for the Lower Silesia.

His works are stored in both state and private collections within the country and abroad.

The artist died on 19 February 1986 while remaining faithful to Legnica until the end.

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